Who We Are


When one is born and bred in Singapore, it has become commonplace to label this sunny island as “hothumidcrowdedstressfulexpensiveboring”.  We seem to be perpetually dissatisfied with what we see before us, trapped in this whirlwind of negative narratives. SELAH was birthed in the hope that this very discontentment could actually be the start of a search for narratives of faith, of light, of grace.

Our lives, like balls of yarn, unravel into stories when we interweave with people and places, conversations and conflict. We believe that these knits – crafted from the bitter and sweet that is life – have the potential to inspire and build the Singaporean body of Christ.

In the throes of frantic Singaporean living, we hope that these stories will impel you to pause, reflect and hopefully find God in the unlikeliest of tales and places. May you come across a stranger’s story that resonates so powerfully within you, causing you to realise that you were never alone in your struggles. May you realise that your body is an instrument, precisely cut and designed for something bigger than a solo jam – you were made for an orchestra. May you not stop just to ‘see lah’, but instead re-align your heart and actions more closely to the master tuner Himself. Such that with each passing day, we find ourselves more and more in tune with each other, making soulful music.