We are 12 restless individuals who have read Christian literature for years and feel that it is the same as Western academic literature: plagued with Euro-American perspectives and examples, therefore at times inaccessible. We seek to offer Singaporean angles on the Christian faith, with the hope that these local, Christ-inspired narratives shall shine like the morning light.

AMANDA is an introverted extrovert who enjoys writing poetry with a chai tea latté at hand. She loves running at Pasir Ris Park in the morning and exercising at daybreak is the only reason why she showers in the morning. Catch her if you can at @amandances.

CHARMAINE dabbles in editorial PR for a living, loves fashion and would kill for a good cuppa soy chai latte. Her heart beats for transparent fellowship and her fist represses all things pessimistic. Befriend her @drunkonhelium.

ISABEL doesn’t bother about brands, be it in terms of fashion or the chicken essence. She also has a heart for the nations. Catch a glimpse of this heart @ipxyyy.
IVY is a morning person who enjoys her moments with God with a cuppa in hand — it’s like getting a warm hug in a mug. Coffee is perfect with peanut butter kaya toast to her. Catch her @quahster.

JOSEPH thinks that Nasi Lemak ought to be Singapore’s national dish. He is passionate in discovering how faith can collide beautifully with urban culture, and believes in mentoring the next generation. He also wishes that a singular Singaporean accent will emerge in his lifetime. Follow him @firesandtimbers.

LEMUEL enjoys good conversations over a cup of kopitiam kopi. He connects with God while playing the piano and is frequently in awe of His creation—sunsets, sea breezes, and tropical downpours. View his attempts at capturing interesting or beautiful moments @lemuelteo.

MARVIN believes that sports and art are vivid expressions of God’s beauty. His famous paintings can be found at void decks — artistic ball marks on walls — all designed to make you feel at home. Find your new soccer khaki @chromatic-euphoria.

MING WEI is an undergrad currently residing in Melbourne but home is still where his heart belongs. His idea of a good meal would be wanton mee and he is a Pokka Green Tea purist. Follow him on a journey @limmingwei.

NATALIE is immersed in music: does all things editorial at MTV Asia by day and sings in the toilet of her executive HDB flat by night. She loves people and ice cream. For Insta(nt) proof: @intangibility.

RONALD is an artist and beauty is his philosophy. This means that none of his Instagram images (@absolutvintage) is square and it makes him happy.

SHERMAN is a human who loves matching tunes to rhyming words. His favourite alphabets are B, A, C, O and N in that particular order. He instas before gobbling @shermanwongth.

WEI JIE knows the right keys to a true heart of worship. He finds joy and rest in serving our King with his gift of music. He has an embryonic interest in photography, so find him @leeweijie.