SELAH Sessions

Each country has a unique sound, one that is intimately shaped by her people and surroundings. This sound is a battle cry, composed of the strength to define a generation. In the same way, every nation has her unique songwriters, lives who represent the shared narratives of a larger collective. Their songs continually weave the tapestry of stories that speak of love and life, found and lost.

With Sessions, we hope to provide local Christian singer-songwriters a platform to express what God has carefully laid upon their hearts. May SELAH Sessions resound with the sound that God has bestowed Singapore with.

Season One

Crystal Goh

Crystal is a local Singaporean singer songwriter with an inspiring story of hope. Here is the live acoustic session of her original, “There’ll Be Spring”.

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Theodore Teow

Theodore grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong. He is currently pursuing Jesus and a PhD in Psychology in Perth, Western Australia. “Respond to Us” is an earnest declaration for God to hear us.