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Obeying God’s voice can feel like we’re holding onto a blank flight ticket; we leave the familiar to brave an unknown terrain, in which the path ahead is often clouded. While this may be metaphorical for many of us, it is reality for a handful of others — people who have left the warmth of home to heed God’s call upon their lives. This January, we listen in on pilgrims who are humbly serving the body of Christ in Singapore despite coming from a foreign land. May their stories inspire you to chart new faith adventures with Him in 2018.

Hizkia Imanuel

“My name is Hizkia, 22, and I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. I had never actually planned to come to Singapore to study, but I was given a chance by Ps. Jacub, pastor of Indonesian Family Church (IFC), to study at Tung Ling Bible School in Singapore early last year. This led me to continue my study (Masters of Divinity) at ACTS College Singapore, whilst serving at IFC Singapore.

Growing as a Christian in Singapore has been very, very exciting! First, Tung Ling Bible School exposed me to great pastors and leaders from whom I can learn much from. I love the morning worship sessions, where I have had quite a few God-encounters. I remember crying like a baby, because the Father’s love felt so deep and strong for me as we sang a song called “Divine Exchange” by Lara Martin. At FOPx SG 2017, there was an altar call from Lou Engle to pray for the younger generation, and I could not hold myself in then too as I cried out loud to God. Singapore is more open to Christianity than Indonesia, which makes it easier for churches to make great conferences and worship events, of which have blessed me very much.

Another reason for my excitement to live as a Christian in Singapore is because IFC Singapore has been such an incredible environment to grow spiritually. I can testify that my spiritual growth in Singapore has been very satisfying, and the corporate prayer and worship sessions have brought me closer to God. I remember significant moments of quietness — no singing, speaking, or praying — and just learning to enjoy His presence in stillness. There are other times when worship became very “strong,” with even a few prophetic words being released by different ones.

That being said, there are definitely struggles that I have to endure having left my home country. One of my biggest struggles is being away from my family, local church community, and friends — people close to my heart. For instance, I could not attend one of my best friends’ wedding because of school and church commitments; I also couldn’t attend my youth community’s anniversary event, which I had led for several years before coming to Singapore; or as simple as not being able to celebrate “big days” of the year with my family.

Still, I am grateful that I get to enjoy my time in Singapore because I have made new friends, and found a new family at IFC Singapore. I’ve also gained many new experiences, like watching movies without any subtitles, telling jokes in English, learning how Singaporeans love food very much, leading worship, or even answering these interview questions in English — I never had a chance like these before.

I’m grateful that my community here has been a support system for me to live in Singapore. They were with me in my bad times and good times. I remember when my pastor helped me and spent time to accompany me to make my first (and most troublesome) bank account in Singapore. He really played a huge role in making my transition and adaptation of living in Singapore easier. There was another time when my cell group celebrated my birthday and gave me presents for my birthday. These were the times when I feel that this community has been very important to me as a guy who lives in Singapore alone without any family.

I also really thank God for Singaporean foods and drinks, especially kopi C, which only costs a dollar. Also for the integrated public transportation, where you can ride buses and MRT, depending on it for daily transport. I am especially thankful for Ps. Jacub Suria, his family, and Indonesian Family Church, who have become family to me in Singapore. Lastly, I thank God for what He is doing in Singapore and for letting me experience many encounters with Him here. I thank Him for putting me in this church at such a time as this, when He has stirred our hearts to love Him passionately and letting me experience these encounters with Him in Singapore.”


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