SELAH Sessions

Each country has a unique sound, one that is intimately shaped by her people and surroundings. This sound is a battle cry, composed of the strength to define a generation. In the same way, every nation has her unique songwriters, lives who represent the shared narratives of a larger collective. Their songs continually weave the tapestry of stories that speak of love and life, found and lost.

With Sessions, we hope to provide local Christian singer-songwriters a platform to express what God has carefully laid upon their hearts. May SELAH Sessions resound with the sound that God has bestowed Singapore with.

Season One

Crystal Goh

Crystal is a local Singaporean singer songwriter with an inspiring story of hope. Here is the live acoustic session of her original, “There’ll Be Spring”.

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Theodore Teow

Theodore grew up in Singapore and Hong Kong. He is currently pursuing Jesus and a PhD in Psychology in Perth, Western Australia.

Jean Tan

Jean is a singer-songwriter who writes with a blend of influences such as folk, jazz, and electronica. She has performed at the National Stadium and Gardens by the Bay for the SEA Games 2015, as well as opened for Michael W. Smith on his Singapore tour in 2013.

Season Two

Joie Tan

Starting out on YouTube at the tender age of 14, Joie Tan began her musical journey by posting covers of vocal-heavy popular songs on the platform. Her renditions were met with tremendously positive reception, giving her opportunities to take her bedroom performances to live shows.

Dominic Chin

Dominic is inspired by the sounds of R&B and jazz music and started covering songs on YouTube since 2010. He covers genres such as pop, jazz, RnB etc. Dominic has performed at the Star Vista Performing Arts Centre, where he presented the song he penned for the late Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew to Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in a tribute performance.

Ng Jia Jun

Jia Jun’s original, 依然爱我, carries such a deep sincerity that truly moved our spirits. From the journey that inspired the lyrics, to the vulnerability in his voice, we pray that this song will spur you on to dive into God’s unfailing love and abounding grace.

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