At SELAH, we believe that brokenness is really beauty in the making, because man’s future is always rooted in hope. Vulnerability is an editorial goal of ours, whereby our scars become stories. We trust that these narratives of trial and triumph shall remind you that you were never alone in your struggles.

SELAH was birthed from a place of discontent with the status quo. In 2013, local faith narratives weren’t easily found, and Euro-American perspectives often left us grappling with cultural practices and nuances that were different from ours. We endeavour for our magazine to be an approachable online platform for any Singaporean who desires for the eternal in this fleeting life.

Our tagline, Pause | Realign, exemplifies our hope that your time spent on our website will be unhurried, especially when life is constantly hustling us into the fast lane. We invite you to stop for a little while — your Father is speaking.

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