Light / Dust

A photo essay

Taking inspiration from Josh Yeoh’s and Jon Cho’s collaboration song, Light / Dust, Kimberly interprets the lyrics with a selection of carefully composed images.


Upon the ground

You walked in sweet communion with the ones You made 

Your gentleness has healed my brokenness

And made me great

How can it be?

Your spit and mud was all it took to help me see

The knees that hit the guilty earth were bent for me

In humility


You hovered over uncreated earth

Upon the dust You laid your hands

You breathed your life and gave us worth


And the God who spoke light into darkness

Holds my heart, He remembers my frame

He’s the strength in the midst of my weakness

He remembers my name


Upon the cross

You gave your life for the joy that’s set before Your eyes

Blood and water from your side spilled on the earth

To give us birth

And on my heart

You wrote the testimony of pursuing love

Of how You came to seek and save the least, the last, the lost


Upon the earth

You‘ll return to make your dwelling place with man

You will make all things new when you come again 


And on that day

You’ll place a crown of righteousness upon my head

Perfecting every promise that You said

I’ll wait for that

I’ll wait for that


You can read more about the inspiration behind the song here.

KIM thinks that the world naturally settles itself into a beautiful mess that we don’t stop enough for in our waking hours. Whether it’s a pretty sight or a young person’s life, she believes there is no space too boring or meaningless to engage with. Find out how she’s almost too easily amazed by the everyday things at @rk.y.


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