That Secret Place

Written by: Faith Wendeline Ong (Photo by: Zann Lee)


I bow my head and close my eyes
I still my heart and seek to find
That secret place behind the veil
I sit my soul and rest my mind

I empty myself of what’s inside
I empty my heart and void that space
I settle myself, I sit and wait
There I’m filled, unending grace

I turn my eyes and lift my head
I shyly glance and find your gaze
You did not hide nor look away
I squint at the glow on your face

You look around and begin to smile
I ask in what you found delight
Your lips broaden and soon I know
I am what was in your sight

My heart begins to leap in joy
My lips part to sing and praise
That you would love me as I am
Forever Lord, I stay amazed

A jack of all trades but master of none, FAITH’s interests range from water sports such as mangrove kayaking and windsurfing, to reading and writing, and various genres of music, dance, and art. Ultimately, she is proud to be a child of God and is an aspiring clinical psychologist with a passion for touching lives and witnessing life transformations.

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