Come Home

Written by: Daniel Tay (Photos by: Zann Lee)


darling, how far you’ve gone
weren’t His arms enough?
where do we go wrong?

darling, bare not your skin
don’t you know it only shows
the things from within?

darling, th—
come Home.


Come Home (2)


where have you gone?
what is this I’ve heard about you?
“he’s been dead for so long.”

how’s that bowl of soup?
was it worth inheritance?
was it worth potential fruit?

don’t lie to yourself:
apathy ain’t liberty
when you’ve simply sold volition
to the darkness of mind
oh, I know —
hedonism unfolds

but in everything
there’s still something that you can come back to
a Hope that’s true
a Home to return

aren’t you tired of running alone?
come Home.

Daniel is passionate about leadership and the local church. He also believes that pizza, oreo cheesecakes, and coffee are great remedies for the soul. Follow him @onedevotion.


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