One Thing

Written by: Joy Sarang Ng (Photo by: Zann Lee)

everything could be anything
everything is all that is around me
everything, something in abundance
everything, fullness in itself, fullness in the way it sounds
and yet

everything, sometimes nothing
everything, sometimes
partial, incomplete

i try to fill myself with
everything, except One Thing
i try to fill myself with everything else
i fill myself with nothing

everything else is but a voided scream
everything else only fills me up with noise
everything else is as the sea foam
fizzles and dissolves
everything else: everything that is not
One Thing

One Thing, inhabit my


JOY loves sushi and has it almost every week. She also spends a lot of time looking at pictures of golden retrievers on Instagram (@wutheringjoys) since she can’t have one of her own.


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